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Nic Nac Sac LLC.

Minimalist Barefoot shoes Unisex (5 variations)

Minimalist Barefoot shoes Unisex (5 variations)

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 These barefoot shoes provide you with a broad toe box for natural maneuverability and comfort. Barefoot shoes have six main features that theoretically give benefits the wearer:       
  • They promote better posture and balance since the shoes mimic being barefoot.
  • They can alleviate chronic pain caused by poor foot alignment and leg length discrepancy.
  • They reduce the impact on your joints as you walk which can help prevent injury.
  • They encourage less dependency on shoe gear and more reliance on strong muscles of the feet and legs, which in theory will help improve body posture, stride, and performance overall.
  • They give your brain far more sensory input from your feet, which helps improve movement and reduce pain.
  • They help our feet maintain that “neutral tension”, that “muscle and tendon workout” that make our feet healthy.

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